Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Top 10 Most Followed People on Twitter

Here we have compiled a list of top 10 most followed people on Twitter.

Justin Bieber

23369 Tweets

Katy Perry

4,941 Tweets

Lady Gaga

3,141 Tweets

Barack Obama

9,929 Tweets

Taylor Swift

1,919 Tweets


8,306 Tweets

Britney Spears

2,546 Tweets

Justin Timberlake

1,760 Tweets

Jennifer Lopez

2,487 Tweets


2,046 Tweets

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

10 Interesting Facts about Social Media

Social media is a wonderful marketing tool that helps you in many ways some of which are generating awareness about your business in masses, improving your customer service and so on. Thousands of companies with the help of social media have increased their business outcome and have delivered real-time profits in a very short span of time.
Let’s take a fun peek into the world of social media and find out some of its incredible aspects that make it distinctive and effective.

Social Media improves results

According to a recent study more than 62% of marketers from different fields have reported a positive change in their marketing campaigns and efforts after they began to use social media as a foundation of many of their campaigns.
As a matter of fact, one user signs up with LinkedIn’s professional network every second of the day. The site is used by more than 60% of the people to find work, apply to work, or build their professional networks.

Millions of photos on Instagram

As per a recent report, more than one billion photos were uploaded to Instagram in the year 2012. Not just that, everyday 300 million photos are uploaded to this platform making it a perfect platform for photographers, artists and fashion experts.

Small and Medium Businesses getting benefited

Small and medium-sized businesses have started using various social media platforms in order to raise their sales revenue, expand their marketing efforts, and know more about their customers. About 34% of medium businesses are already using social media as a marketing tool whereas 27% of small businesses are joining in.

Mobiles makes it more happening

About 161 million minutes a month are spent on mobile social media applications around the world. In fact as per a rumor, people have more mobile devices than toothbrushes.

Deals on Social Media

We all love a great deal and social media happens to be a perfect place to find them. A recent research revealed that more than 67% of Facebook users like a company’s page in order to get a coupon offering 25% off whereas 28% share the love using their social media platforms.

Games to earn money

Usually, you don’t expect good images to crop up in your mind if hear somebody participating in social media games. However, a recent study unveiled that more than 79% of people who participate in social media games have a college degree or better and 44% of them earn more than $50,00 a year. On top of it, more than half of the players are over 40 years old and almost 30% of them are married & have children.

Almost one million twitter accounts are created and 340 millions tweets are posted daily. The year 2012 witnessed twitter to make more than $250 million in advertising revenue. Using Twitter can be a very useful and helpful asset to most companies.

Social media usage differences

It is reported that women mostly use Pinterest while men mostly use Google+. Pinterest is an entertaining community on which you can share your ideas through images while with Google+ you have got more options for sharing your ideas such as images, videos, and articles.

One out of every seven minutes spent online is used to surf, comment, share and like pictures, posts and videos uploaded to facebook. In fact, you can triple the traffic to your website overnight if you can identify your audience on facebook and post things they are interested in.
These were 10 interesting facts about social media that you must know to use it to your advantage. There are many others facts like this. Do share with us if you have come across any.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

5 Facts about Twitter That You Did Not Know

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that allows its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”. Users on twitter ‘follow’ or subscribe to each other’s update and receive messages respectively. At present, Twitter is in the top 3 social networking sites in the world. Besides, like Facebook and Linked in, . However, there are certain facts and secrets related with twitter that you probably did not know.
Here are five most interesting and useful of them.

More you tweet , more followers you get

A recent study revealed that if you post a concentrated number of tweets in a short time span, the follower growth may exceed 50%, which is more than expected. Tweeting more gets you more followers.

Tweets can be sent by means of a text message

It is quite apparent from its 140 character limit that is somewhat designed based on the texting restrictions of mobile SMS that twitter evolved with mobile in its blood. However, after it became embedded within Apple’s mobile operating system it has reached a tipping point that has kept on strengthening it as the most frequently used channel for breaking news and quick bytes of information. You can set up twitter to integrate with your texting and tweet using SMS. Not just that you also receive notifications in text message when somebody follows you, your tweet is retweeted or if somebody marks your tweet as favorite. However, if you don’t want to receive texts all the time you can turn off them respectively.

Tweets with media get about 3 to 4 times more engagement

When twitter was started, it happened to be mono-media but now has grown into a multi-media networking platform. Media takes in photos, videos and even slideshare that one can view within twitter. Moreover, tweets with multimedia get 300 to 400% more engagement than tweets without media.

Hashtags can augment engagement by almost 100%

According to a recent research by Twitter, hashtags can augment engagement by 100% for the user and if the user is associated with any organization then it increases engagement for the organization by almost 50%. It tends to increase the engagement by 2 times of what it actually was.

More you retweet , more followers you get

It was found in the study that user with above expected follower growth send 200% more retweets than those with below expected follower growth. So, it’s always good to use the retweet button as retweeting gets you more followers.

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These were a few facts about twitter you might be unaware of and that you can use to your advantage. Besides, if you know some facts like this do share with us. We will be more than happy to know from you.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Things you should never do on LinkedIn

The social network most celebrated among the business people is believed to be linked in which has become an incredible tool to create new connections and to help job seekers. But do we all know how to use it the right way? Although there are a number of however, there could be something you might be practicing wrong and that you shouldn’t do on linked In.
Here we have compiled a few things you should never do on Linked In.

Carrying on with an incomplete profile

Whether you are searching for a job or looking to network through Linked In, a completely filled in profile assures you the success. Recruiters use keywords and titles while searching for a candidate and if your profile is well optimized according to the search engines, chances of you getting found go higher. However, if it is not the job that you are looking and simply networking on Linked In even then completing your profile helps people know more about you and remember you.

Adding connection just for the heck of enlarging the list

Quality matters more than quantity especially when it is about the social networking sites. Simply adding people to your list even if you don’t know them will only create an unnecessary swarm on your account while it is valuable to create a presence and add your contacts which are relevant. Avoid adding anyone to your account you are not familiar with or not looking to connect with them about a business deal opportunity.

Being Impersonal in your messages

Almost all of us never prefer to get those automated messages that come when you connect with someone. So, instead of using the automated messages, give a personal touch to your messages when you connect with someone and take it as an opportunity to start a conversation especially with somebody you are planning to do business with or connect with regarding a job. Try making your messages as personal and meaningful as possible.

Promoting business 24/7

Linked in helps you grow and maintain your network. It also helps businesses at the same time however businesses should take care that they aren’t solely promoting their product or service all the time. There are people even on linked in who constantly try to sell their product or service which seems very annoying at times. One can however make their business promotion campaign useful to their connections by posting relevant and useful information, blogs, articles and so on.

Missing an active presence

Setting up the account and then abandoning it for a few months won’t do any good in anyway. It’s not that you have to post something daily. Posting relevant content about your industry and interacting with other connections will create a positive image for you in the minds of recruiters. Hence, try posting and interacting with people and groups on Linked In. Try establishing yourself as a knowledgeable source.
These were a few things you should avoid doing on Linked In. Linked In is a wonderful platform for job seekers and businesses however if they use it appositely. So take care about the above mentioned mistakes that you should not do on linked In and get benefited by this social media outlet in a big way.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

5 Facebook Secrets Unveiled

Facebook with more than 800 million monthly active users has become one of the major players in the social media industry. If we talk about Facebook from a marketing perspective, it serves as an influential platform for building a community of brand proponents and enhancing word of mouth marketing. It is an increasingly significant asset for businesses to get found by and engage with potential customers on the web. However, there are certain facts and secrets related with Facebook that you probably did not know.
Here we have five facts about facebook that might be unknown to you or ignored by you and that you must know.

Facebook has a secret folder

Shocking! Right? Yes! Facebook has a secret folder for private messages hidden in your inbox. You can find this folder by opening your ‘messages’ and clicking on the ‘other’ tab next to ‘inbox’. Although it was intended to get rid of frustrating spam and unwanted messages from strangers but, most of the times it is actually full of job offers and messages from long-lost friends.

Facebook holds your private data

If you want to know how much Facebook knows about you then go ahead and click on your account settings and at the bottom of the ‘general account settings’ window click on ‘download a copy of your Facebook data’ and in few seconds you will get a report consisting everything you have shared from your pictures to your job history and to your chats. Is it not intimidating?

Facebook intends to control your phone

Facebook Home places your friends exactly at the front of your phone, with their status updates and photos straight away visible when you unlock the device. However, you can still use your apps and surf the web, but will have to exit Facebook first to get there.

Facebook is keenly observing you

If you are surfing the web and logged on to Facebok account at the same time, Facebbok maintains a track of every site you visit if they have a Like or share button no matter whether you are clicking on it or not . So if it bothers you, try logging out of Facebook while surfing the internet.

Your personal data is now searchable

Whatever you share on Facebook from your favorite food to your love life gets indexed by search engines like Google and is now searchable with Facebook Graph Search after the advent of Google’s real time search results. To confirm if it really happens go ahead and search ‘Friends who like Metallica’ and you will find the respective results.
This information was necessary to be put across. If in case these things bother you, you can take the preventive measures at least and stop them from happening if possible. Besides, if you know some facts like this do share with us. We will be more than happy to know from you.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

6 Ways Social Media Helps You Get A Job!

It was 10 years back when very few people were aware with social media. Later on people gradually started using it for social networking and now look at its competence that it is being used for hiring people for jobs. This has let the job seekers to be active on various social media site and build their online presence. This is how they leverage their relationships and talents to get a job that guarantees them a career and not barely the capital. A recent report generated by Elance reveals that almost 40% of the young professionals are making use of social media to get jobs.
Which is why here we have six relevant ways how social media helps you get a job of your dreams.

By letting you connect to the company

Social media offers you an amazing platform to connect to the company you are looking to work for. This boosts the chances of you getting hired by them if you are already connected to them on any social networking site. While researching about the company on their social media pages try being interactive and respond to their updates it could be anything retweeting on twitter or liking their post on facebook, leaving a comment and so on. You never know who might be watching as these days many recruiters tend to find talent via social networking sites rather than finding them on the traditional job sites.

By offering data for your help

Almost a decade ago for an instance if you had to know about the company of your friend you had to put in a lot of effort to ask them and remember it. But now social media help you gather all such information just by a click of mouse and you really don’t need to mug them up even. Now you tend to have all the information on your fingertips. So if you are interested in working your friend’s company you would not need to go through big hassles in researching the details. This was just an example of how social media offers you an abundance of real time data that you can use to your advantage.

By offering Job Search Apps

Social media offers a plethora of tools and applications through which you can search for job be it on your computer or the mobile. These applications allow you to see the companies near your current locations and the vacancies if they have any.

By getting you build online influence

Earlier approximately a decade ago, if you had mastered any of the hard skills you were sure to get a job. However gradually things changed and the situation now is that because of the very high competition you can’t make it until and unless you are good at some new set of skills such as communication, organization leadership etc. Not just that at present apart from being good at hard and soft skills you need to develop online influence as when two candidates two candidates are equally good at hard and soft skills the recruiter will consider their online influence to make a distinction.
As far as the online influence is concerned it is assessed by so many factors such as the number of connections you have, how influential are they, is your content getting shared , if yes then by how many people and so on. Besides, there are various sites that help you measure the online influence and make the task easier for the employers at the same time. The main reason behind employers considering the online influence is that it will always be better to hire somebody who is already well-known by their target audience. It is believed by them that the candidates with a better online influence can generate better results, bring more and more business to the company and market their brand better than those who do not possess a good online influence.

By letting you use multimedia instead of a paper resume

A recent study unveiled that the profiles on social and business networking sites tend to have taken the place of the traditional resume that we used to have. More and more people are getting inclined towards the digital media and using various creative techniques to promote themselves online. These tactics can really be very effective in taking hold of some better jobs. Besides, very few job hunters are investing time in these tactics so those with it stand out in the crowd and are shared widely. There are many channels through which you can promote your profile online such as, videos, websites etc.

By letting you appositely advertise yourself

Through various social media channels you can also advertise yourself to the companies or the people you want to work for. You can get this accomplished by many ways however four very common of them are through Google adwords, linked In ads, facebook social ads and blog advertisements. These are basically used by companies to advertise their businesses but you can also use them for job search. The takeaway here is that you must link your advertisement back to your website or your linked In profile in order to catch the recruiter’s attention. Create an advertisement that is precise and clearly elucidate your expertise.
These were a few ways by which social media helps you get a job. So follow these ways and find a job that guarantees you a career and not just pays you the money. It is a vast ocean of information and opportunities you just need to dive in and discover the one meant for you. Could be you are happy with the job you are in however if you are looking to switch take the help of social media to your advantage and get recruited in company of your dreams.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

4 Blunders on Facebook That You Should Not Have Done!

Facebook is a social media outlet that is where we socialize however it does mean you let yourself go especially being a brand. Social media plays a vital role when it comes to your online reputation. So you must pick up your steps with caution. Therefore, being a brand you are not allowed to commit mistakes on social media sitesIt can ruin your brand image in seconds.
Why not go ahead and discuss about what all mistakes you might commit on Facebook so that you should not practice them now onwards.

Getting into a fall out

See you cannot expect the positive responses all the time from your fans. It is a big world with so many people. There could be a time when somebody might have a bad experience with your product and services and they might give you dirty and even offensive comments. In such case, be smart and subtle and don’t get into any kind of argument with the customer. But yes the best thing you can do here is to take this case offline and deal it keeping your cool at the right levels. Facebook has given a big leverage to everybody to vent out about what they want. So don’t forget this and make your irate customer more irate by getting into a fall out.

Overlooking the Fans query

This one is something you might not have done intentionally but have missed by mistakes. But mistakes are not allowed on social media. Never ever overlook a fans message whatever is that a simple comment or a query that they need to get answered. You are not asked to write a Bible while acknowledging the fans but then yes a few subtle words will do the trick. The most common feeling that the fans have is that Facebook has given them a right to connect to the brands they like and give advice as per their requirements and that somebody is there to listen them and take care of their concerns. So please try not overlooking any message or comments by your fans.

Overlooking Facebook Rules

It could happen that Facebook might not have observed something that you might have been doing against the rules that are being made for the marketers and businesses. It however does not mean that if you have overlooked their rules you are going to be overlooked by them as they couldn’t identify your mistake. It is just that when are they going to review things and whenever the review happens you be rest assured your page is going to be removed and you will not have to go through the hassles of following the rules on Facebook, everything all your data will go off in seconds.


Well! It’s not something that needs to be explained again that spamming is not at all allowed anywhere and so is the case with Facebook too. There are so many brands that do update their facebook page once a day and doing better than those who make multiple updates a day. So it is quality that matters and not the quantity. Try to create a good content no matter if it talks about your brand, product or service, create it in a way that it should catch people’s interest.

So these were a few Facebook blunders that you should not have done and invited troubles for you. A lot of brands might go off beam in order to have organic fans but that is not going to help in the long run. That’s why we have come up with a few blunders that marketers and businesses commit very frequently and get a hit to their Facebook page and social presence. Hopefully, you will not be practicing any one of these if have been practicing it before. Simply try being unique and original as that’s the key mantra.

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